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Something new this week, you get the chance to pick your own conditions.
This applies to the IHT Tour only for one week.

I am trying this because it came to my attention that some players do not like
some of the conditions that are picked each week.
We are all in this together so it is only right that we all get to
have our say on any matter that arises,please click on the Vote
button below or the Members Polls on the menu bar to make your choice.
                                                                       Thank you Daniel.

This is not permanent it is just a test to see if you like the format.
I am also doing it to test the Poll page to see if it works,for future Polls.


I have a new idea for the IHT Tour instead of the one we use now.
I want to rename it the IHT Knockout Tour.
Each week we play 4 rounds of 9 holes or 2 rounds of 18 holes.
In the first week the top 10 go through to the next round.
In the second week the top 8 go through.
In the third week the top 4 go through.
In the fourth week the top 2 go through to the Final.
Just remember if you do not fill in all the Round boxes it will
not give you a score.All rounds must be played.

This is just an idea and will need your approval, so I will put it to a vote.

It will mean those who get knocked out will have to wait till it all
starts again at the end of 5 weeks,but it makes it a more competitive Tour.
For those that do not make the cut I will remove you from the Tour
I will then re-register you myself when the new one starts.
You will have the same name and password that was used in the first Tour.
So if you do get knocked out you need do nothing yourself except login to new Tour.


Host Name: tigercatsgolfclub.ventrilo4.com

Port No: 4855


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