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The IHT Knockout Database turns over on Saturday at midnight not Sunday so you can start to play early Sunday morning.
  • The IHT Knockout is played over 5 Rounds & is a points system not a scoreing system.
  • You can play Four 9 Holes or two 18 Holes per Round .
  • The first Round the top 10 go through to Round 2.
  • In Round 2 the top 8 go through to Round 3.
  • In Round 3 the top 4 go through to Round 4.
  • In Round 4 the top 2 go through to the final to find the winner.
  • If you start in the Tour you must fill in all of the round boxes for your score and points to show to get through to the next round
  • If there are ties for last place and there are more than 10,8,4 players in each week,then those players will go forward with the rest to the next Round as long as they have points at the side of their player.
  • If you Miss The Cut on any Round you will be removed from the Tour till a new Tour starts.
  • Only players with Points on the Leader Board will go through to the next round.
  • If you Score a par put a zero in the box,if over par then you put + before your Score so it can reduce your Score to what it should be.
  • Scores & points will not show up,if you score a par and you do not put zeros in the boxes.
  • Anyone may spot you a round if you need one except in the Final.Those left in the Final must play each other.
  • If there are more than 2 players reach the Final they all play in the Final,slow or fast play.
  • If there is a TIE in the Final,you have to play a sudden death from Hole 1 to decide the winner.
  • If you can not finish a round, please finish off by putting zeros in the boxes you have left to play  before you leave.
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