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The Tigercats Weekly Funner Rules
(1) The Tour is for 15 Weeks.There will be a new winner each week.Each winner goes through to the next round.
     At the end of the first 8 weeks there will be 8 winners that go through to the Qtr Final.
     Then at the end of the 4 weeks Qrt Final there wiil be 4 winners that go through to the Semi Final.
     Then at the end of the 2 weeks Semi Final there wiil be 2 Players left for the Final.

(2) Once you have a Win you must stop playing to give others players a chance of a Win.Spotting is allowed if you wish to do so.

(3) Two 18 Hole Rounds per week using two different courses.

(4) You have all week to play the two rounds.

(5) The object of the Tour is to try and get a Win next to your name to proceed to the next round.

(6) All rounds will be stroke play on the Ladies Tees.

(7) If you start but can not finish put zeros in the rest of the boxes.If you do not play any rounds leave it as it is,put nothing in the boxes.
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