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I have changed the conditions on round 4 of FBT
Pad and I just played it and the conditions where to severe
Please check that you use B/F/S/#3

As you know I have tried to help members to get Links
working when they have port issues,unfortunatly after
trying to help Rocco his PC could not connect to the internet,when
this happens I am locked out of their computer and can not
help any more till they get back on line.Usualy I am successful in
getting things running again but on this occasion I was not.
I do not think he was best pleased with my attempt to help him.
So from now on I have decided to stop helping members to
get Links running they will need to sort it out themselves.
Very sorry to have to put this post up but if I cock things up
for members it makes me feel very bad,and I am not going
to put myself through it again,hope you understand.Dan


Host Name: tigercatsgolfclub.ventrilo4.com

Port No: 4855
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