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The Playoffs are now in Play,no one can get any higher
than they already are in each Tour. I have checked a few times over
the last few days and I am certain this is the case.
Please try to play your playoff rounds has quickly as you can.
If you are not going to play in the playoffs for any reason
please email me as soon has possible so I can move the next player
up to your allotted position,this is so bye's can be avoided.


This week I have added the Playoff Conditions to the web
pages for each Tour.This makes it easier for me to keep
things syncronised for each Tour.After the R&R and the FBT
Playoffs are finished all the Tour will start together on the
9th of September or the 16th September.
These dates are dependant on when the Playoffs are finish


It is going to be very difficult for me to put your round scores
into the Playoff tables as I have to do this Manualy,I will have
just one week to add what I can as I will be away for a week.
It would help if you could all finish Rd 1 in both Playoffs after
the R&R and the FBT Tours finish,you may then have to wait till
I return from my break to update everything, hope you understand.

Sorry there will be a week or two break before the Tours resume.
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